Per the exchange rate determined by the National Bank of Georgia, the buying rate of USD 1 today is GEL 3.2935. USD 1 has so far equaled to GEL 3.2909. Accordingly, the GEL has depreciated against the USD by 0.0026 points.

EUR 1 now amounts to GEL 4. 0062, while EUR 1 could be bought for GEL 4.0077. Accordingly, the GEL has strengthened against EUR by 0.0015 points.

The January 14 exchange rate will come into effect on January 15.

The National Bank of Georgia determines the national currency’s official exchange rate at 17:00 after trading with currencies in an international trading system Bloomberg.

Bloomberg trading system is the main trading platform of the world’s financial institutions, in which both commercial banks and large microfinance organizations trade from Georgia.

At the moment, 1 dollar equals GEL 3.2922 on Bloomberg.